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What is difference between HTML and HTML5?

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HTML 5 is an updated version of HTML. It’s much similar to HTML. But difference is HTML 5 contains much better support for media such as, an audio and Video tag.

HTML 5 have following new media tags:

Tags Usage

<audio> Defines sound content
<video> Defines a video or movie
<source> Defines multiple media resources for <video> and <audio>
<embed> Defines a container for an external application or interactive content (a plug-in)
<track> Defines text tracks for <video> and <audio>

HTML5 supports responsive design, better video and audio tags and which gives better accessibility in all platforms like mobile, android, ios, PC

HTML5 is not only an upgrade in the code, but it is a methodology, a new way of looking at your code. The new tags are very noticable as a way to organize the elements of the page, instead of just using <div>, but these also help with eReaders and other AI devices that can't determine the use for the div. The <figure> tag denontes an image, the <video> tag is wonderful because it allows browers to use video features (for instance you can add the controls attribute to use play/stop controls in your browser).

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