Having some trouble figuring out a CSS footer issue.

The footer should fill the page fully, not extend a horizontal scrollbar and importantly, not have a 3-5 pixel left gap.

I've tried all I know to fix this.

Here is the CSS for this:

float: left;
font-family:"Trebuchet MS",Helvetica, sans-serif;

Please view the link below to see it live.

*Note: This is only a landing page for SEO-bots until the main site is built - It's not fancy or pretty

Click Here

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Matthew,

its a good idea to apply a "CSS Reset" so that you user agent's default styles dont apply. This will give you a more consistent display across different browsers....

So, if you apply a margin:0 to the body element, it will get rid of the left space.

Also, the extention on the right is a result of adding 40px of padding to the footer element.

commented: Thank you, Good Sir! Always of great help. +7

All fixed.

Thank you, JorgeM.


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