so i have the following css stylesheet Click Here and i want that #footer{} and #copyright{} to stay at the bottom of the page all time. How can i achieve that?

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It should already be working, no?

    position: fixed;
    bottom: 0px;
    left: 0px;

That should do the trick?

You still have the CSS for your footer set to position:absolute. As Dani pointed out, change it to fixed.

Also, I assume that you want your copyright div to be included within one footer...

<div id="footer" style="text-align:center;">
 <table align="center">
      <td><p class="footer_heads">Social</p><hr></td>
  <div id="copyright">
    <p class="small">Powered by ..... [more html] ... © 2013</p>

Here a screenshot. I still dont think your footer is correctly formatted with regard to the copyright, but you may have a better idea know.


By the way, the attribute "align" has been deprecated and is not supported in HTML5. You should use CSS properties instead.

0px 0em 0% 0pi 0cm 0in are equally incorrect and may cause some browser/OS combinations to display improperly
zero is dimensionless
0pt = 0px = 0em = 0% = 0pi = 0cm = 0in = 0
1pt <> 1px <> 1em <> 1% <>1pi <> 1cm <> 1in

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