Hello Eveyone,

I am validating a html 5 page using w3c validator. However, this error occurred:

"Element noindex not allowed as child of element div in this context"

Can you please send some idea on how to resolve this?


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It would help if you show the relevant piece of HTML.

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It would help if you show the relevant piece of HTML.

Thanks for the reply.

Its from the sharexy social media sharing tool:

<!--sharexy code start--><noindex><div id='shr_709264'><script type='text/javascript'>(function(w) { if (!w.SharexyWidget) { w.SharexyWidget = {};} if (!w.SharexyWidget.Params) { w.SharexyWidget.Params = {}; } w.SharexyWidget.Params['709264'] = {'code_id':'709264','publisher_key':'0','design':'classic','layout_static':'h','type':'st','mode_float':'','size_float':'60','size_static':'55','buzz':'0','services':['facebook', 'twitter'],'url':'current','allways_show_ads':'0','show_ads_sharing':'0','show_ads_cursor':'0','bg_float':'0','bg_color':'#f1f1f1','labels':'','counters':'r', 'counters_float':'0'} })(window);</script><script type='text/javascript' src='http://shuttle.sharexy.com/LoaderLite.js'></script></div></noindex><!--sharexy code end -->

noindex is not a valid tag by definition, but some search engines use them. So if you want validation, remove them.

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