Hi ! i have a problem in my portable Dreamweaver CS5 version (works without installation), while coding php script for some certain html tags, when i write a code like <?php echo "<a href=" .... here file Browse don't show up, to auto locate (browse) a file, which sometimes make problem for me to add a file location manually which is notworking, i need DW to point to a file by auto poping up file location dialogue box (which is more accurate and convenient) to add a file path.In my DW CS5 this auto file browser works very fine with simple HTML coding with same .php file, how to fix it? your help will be greatly appreciated.here is snap if you don't understand:

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hhhmm, sory my mistake ! i figured it out, that was double quote problem in my tags, it should be <?php echo "<img src=''>", not <?php echo "<img src="">" thats why it was not displaying file browse indicator. Solved !

<?php echo "<img src=" ">";  // wrong syntax

<?php echo "<img src=' '>";  // correct syntax with single quotes inside

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