<a href="#"> Home </a> 
            <a href="#"> Video1 </a>
            <a href="#"> Advanced Warfare </a> 
            <a href="#"> Video 2 </a>             

those are the nav buttons i have and i want video 2 and advanced warfare to be active and click as to show images and a short video i have and i am new to html ..

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It's not really clear to me what you exactly want, but my guess is you want to open an image or a video not on a seperate page, but in some kind of a modal/pop-up window. Am I right?

open image that i have in my project file as well as a video so i can compare two sepereat things.

I'm still not quite understanding what you are asking for... are you wanting to go to a different page... or what. Any kind of example you can show us?

If you want it clickable, just put a link to your navs. Then put images or videos for the video link like in video.html.

its means that after pressing the link u should get the image or video

As in download it? The goal here is still very blurry

If by clicking you want to achieve that the image or video is getting zoomed out for viewing, that means that you are , actually, looking for a "lightbox" effect. If so, just put both the jquery and the lightbox.js reference into your head section and then a rel="lightbox" tag in every <a> tag.

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