Can anyone do me a favor, I'm testing a QR code. Just visit this page, and well you probably know the rest. I just want to know where the QR code directs you, thank you.

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Thanks, I didn't know whether I could use google short-cut links or not :)

i tried with a scanner and was taken to a page that displayed something alongs the lines of creative sheep.

Thanks Jorge. A scanner ? I have to upload another QR code, I'm trying to do that now, I don't think I setup my pseudo class correctly :) :(

I updated the page, this is a bit different qr code, if anyone can please try it with your phone.

I don't have my phone handy right now, but very creative looking QR-like code!

Thanks Dani, that is just a very rough mock-up :) When you have the time, I would appreciate if you could test :)

Thanks Jorge. A scanner ?

I meant a scanner app on my mobile device.

I have to upload another QR code, I'm trying to do that now, I don't think I setup my pseudo class correctly :) :(

you must have changed it because its no longer working. the image that is shown now when i click the link above is not the same QR image that was there before.

I did change the QR image, the current QR image no longer links to a page, I have another one just want verification on the current one ?

The first QR image worked, this second QR image doesn't work, correct ?

Doesn't work. If you have a mobile device that allows you to install apps, you can install one of a number of free ones.

I don't have a smart phone, why I posted this message.

I changed the code image, if you can try the new image to see if it works ?

what you have up at this moment, doesnt work for me.

ARghh only the first worked. I have to re-design.

Jorge did you try other QR readers, from what I've read some can read QR codes better then others. Remember I don't own a smart-phone so I'm just throwing suggestions to those (many) who do to try. You guys are my testers, plus you guys are smarter then the people I know with smart phones :)

No, the QR reader i installed was highly rated in the app store and sponsered by AT&T so I am going to assume that it works as expected.

I've tried in on a variety of other QR codes and even regular UPC labels and it has been working fine.

Then it was the QR code, I should have a new one soon.

I have uploaded a new QR code. Same link as in my first post. If anyone can let me know if it works, the last two were a fail.

No it doesnt work for me.

I think I know what I'm doing wrong.

I would appeciate it if someone could check the updated QR code ?

doesnt work for me.

I've added two QR codes, I hope one works. Same link as in my original post.

Nope, they dont work for me.

Sheesh, this is rough one to get working :)

If you are developing your own QR codes, here is a great and detailed tutorial on how do develop them. Otherwise, there are countless numbers of QR code generators online.

I'm using a QR service to create the code, that I can't do by hand :-) There is a way to create a customized QR code and there are some guideliness to customizing. I followed the guidelines on what area of the QR code not to modify, it isn't working, maybe I modified to much of the QR code. Let me give you this example, which I didn't create but it should lead you Ice Tea.

Click Here

Your ice tea example doesnt work with my QR scaner.

I never made that ice tea qr code. It's nice but I know it doesn't work.

If it doesn't work either, I don't understand why you referenced it.

I didn't know if it didn't work, I don't have a phone !

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