hi All,

I am new to wordpress and buddy press.I have to customize buddy press.I visited wordpress and buddypress websites and couple of blogs but there is lengthy info and quite advanced level.If some one could let me know in nutshell the anatomy of buddy press and wordpress and how both interact and how can i achieve below thing:
I m playing with buddy press on local machine.!

Currently,I have installed the buddypress plugin.Customized it by adding a free theme.Added users ,posts comments profile pics..but not played with code to customize.

Final thing that i want to see.
1.I want a home page which is customized(It would have a parllelx image or slider , a menubar for different menus like members,history,etc etc) which would be visible to user when user first enters the website.Also, on this page , there should be no wordpress icons,logos and names (not sure how to remove or modify them ).

So basically when user enters(or when i type http://localhost/wordpress/) > a homepage describing my site with login and register and menu bar.After logging in , all buddypress features should be available.After logigng out ,only the home page should be displayed agan.

Basically , imagine Facebook's front page it has description kind of thing and when logged in we have different features.But in my case i don't want any wordpress default pages for logging or their logo and images and trademarks that i currently get on typing the http://localhost/wordpress/ ..I m trying to achieve this ASAP but no information in nutshell to understand the anatomy or relevant info available.If someone could help me in directing to achieve this goal it would be helpful!Appreciate your help.!

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Hey jcasey! thanks for dropping by ! good to know u love wordpress too! I think i have explained too much in my question and this question needs to be small so i 'll edit the question..so that many ppl will be able to get wat i want to say.!cheers

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