Hey guys! I'm going to be competeting in a school competition for computer programming, and the task is building a webpage. here is the link: http://www.skillsusaca.org/sites/default/files/Computer%20Programing%20-%20Regional%20.pdf i have two questions... firstly, i dont want to assume that i can use php and find out i cant, so is there a way to interface with a database in javascript and html5? secondly, do you know what it means when it says a modern webpage?

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Since this is a school thing I highly doubt you won't be able to use PHP or asp or c# or whatever scripting side language.

However, the paper is a bit vague. Given the likes of Ruby and python it could be any server side language... I'm guessing they've got the most popular ones installed on the machines they intend you to use?

ok thanks... i hope i can use php because it will make mylife easier. they wont have prebuilt machines. ill be usingmy laptop so i could probably even do c++ cgi with a lamp stack