I want to make a brochure similar to this one: http://www.awf.ae/al_rowaad_advocates_brochure.html
I'm web developer but new in brochures, so what technologies are used in it?
1) What to use to make the actual brochure? (See, it is just like a simple magazine)
2) Which flash technology is used?
Where to get this flash animation, and how to insert the brochure into it?

There are a few ways of making brochures:
1- Without flash, by using photoshop to edit your images and javascript or Jquery or combination for the flipping animation. Or maybe, HTML5 which has cool features.

2-With flash, by using photoshop to edit your images and swish/flash5 or 6 or whatever version you have. Considering flash softwares, you need to have a look at the features that they provide you. For example, the effects and animations that come with the software.

I have a photoshop software that is the fifth version and has animation tab in it. But, unfortunately, I haven't tried it yet.

I hope this gives you an idea.

Well this brochures is more than piece of script, though it can be made by just animation in flash, professional approach is to load the text dynamically through XML or any other DB. You need to use both softwares PhtoShop and Flash. Currently in market Adobe has launched the latest version but you can do it in Adobe suite 4. After completing all your graphics work you can move these graphics to Flash layers (PhotoShop provides you this facility in it). In Flash, you can make it by simple motion tween and some Masking if you don't want to use scripting.

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