i need help on this ...any suggestion
am creating a shopping cart it works okey but when i added another page with different products i dont know how to go about the cart update.

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Get hold of the free shopping cart OpenCart.
Install it on a server with PHP and MySQL

It's easy to use and much much more reliable than building your own cart!

Alternatively, create a set of html pages for your products, and read up on mal's Ecommerce, where they run the cart for you, for free (you can pay if you wish to), and the buy now buttons are simple html links. I've had three or four clients us mal's e, it's reliable and trusted.

Use Session variables to store the cart items id's so everytime you load the cart you get the item details and display it. This is now if I understand you correctly in saying that when you move from page to page you loose your cart items?

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