When I use the Fly-out Jscript menu at the following address I can't view
the menu on a Apple MAC using IE 5, Safari 2, or Foxfire. Can anyone please take a look at the site I have designed and tell me if I'm leaving out browser specific code that would enable MAC machines (and browsers made for the MAC) to understand the code and display the menu. The menu works on PC browsers IE and Netscape. How do I implement the correct DOM for the other browsers.

My site: Kidneyfoundationofca.com
Site where the Fly-out menu was pulled from:

Thanks for any help

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That's a complex script... your best bet for support for pre-made scripts is to contact the script author. While I will not discourage anyone who wants a challenge to jump in help you out, I have to say it would be quite a commitment to ask.


Thanks: the microsoft site isn't very specific about authors and I didn't get any response from the Newsgroups there either. Maybe I'll try again. I was hoping for a easy fix - as always - it's never easy.

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