Hi everyone. I am trying to design a mouseover tab menu for my office website but rather than the text simply appearing I would like it to transition in with a gradient effect (I was going to attempt to use a billboard effects code for that such as billboardeffects=["Gradientwipe"] ). Here is some sample code pulled from Dynamic Drive, I can't use the code from our office website because it is a federal position and law prohibits me from showing any of our content. Sorry. This Dynamic Drive code is identical except the actual message and tab content obviously will be different. Please let me know where I should apply the transition code to get the 2nd level to transition rather than just appearing. Thanks all.

Sample code from Dynamic Drive:

Script Deleted by Moderator. See Dynamic Drive's usage policy.

Perhaps you want to check out opencube.

It provides a lot more free menu templates. I've used it and there are a few examples such as gradientwipe, and others.

It's real easy to use, and great alternative to using flash to create your menus.