Hey everyone, ive been working of a site for games i play, im not very good at making sites but i kno the basics, can anyone recomend some ideas that would make my site more better, or even help me out with some new animated logos. thanks everyone


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well to make your site better right off the bat the one thing you want on a site is content, i look at your site and it is a blank template. I would also loose the counter or get a less obscure one counters dont really look that professional. for the template it is alright, it is a freewebs one so it looks like it could work out for a gaming page. About animated logos i wouldnt do it unless you know how to do animation really well so i would practice doing stuff in flash before making one. If you are already good at that stuff then i would just say try to not go to over the top. Sometimes people will make a logo that has to much stuff going on and then they loose focus on the content. I think you should just go with a standard logo and just make a good one in phostoshop or something.

what games is it you play??

that way i might be able to give you some more ideas.. the best thing for you to do to get ideas in my opinion is visit www.clantemplates.com they have game templates on there have a look at them and you might get some nice ideas from there :D

hope this helps :D

thanks guys, the site is mainly for the forum so we can post our screenshots

i play most bf2 2 and guild wars
but theres also spots for half life 2 and counterstrike. its a gaming site for high end computers

You might want to get a template from clantemplates and some proper hosting and a .com domain.
Those are the basic things needed to make a popular website. Also have some nice content and manage it well.

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