hello daniweb community, I encounter a problem at my website with a wordpress + woocomerce platform, I've done an woocomerce update and unfortunately something happened with the CSS on the single product page.

This is my website:
https://optimac.ro/categorie-produs/ochelari-de-vedere/barbati/ (this is category) Works perfectly.
https://optimac.ro/produs/aboriginal-4930a/ (Single product) Very bad CSS. (half screen view)

I beg you, if anyone knows what caused this problem and how can be solved, I would appreciate if can someone can help me with some ideas how to fix this issue. Cheers

edit: one more thing, this website was made by someone else, and someone he hide the "Ad to cart" button, i cant find the code line at all.

For the half screen layout (product-page)
I guess its:

.column-1_3, .column-2_6, .column-3_9, .column-4_12 {
    /* width: 33.33333333%; */

But i have no idea where and what should i do.

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