I'm creating an HTML page with a drop down box full of a list of places that when selected the user is directed to a page where s/he can enter text and save it. The pages will be updated everytime a user makes a change which they can then view whenever they want. There will be no internet connection available so the data is stored on only the computer it was entered on. I was going to use the browser offline to view the pages.

I can create the pages but I'm stumped on how to save the data. Do I use PHP or CGI or.. what? Am I making this harder than it really is?

Any suggestions, advice? I thank ya.

Javascript does not offer a way to save to local files (thank god). Using PHP locally could work, but you'd have to install a webserver, configure PHP, learn PHP, etc. Yes, you are making it harder than it really should be.

What are you doing all this for?

You can't use cookies if you are using an HTML file stored locally (at least without a webserver running on localhost).

Thanks, guys. Yeah, after I wrote that I kept thinking about it and it just didn't make sense. What my friends need is a database that they can make notes on while they drive around in their car. I was trying to create something that looked like a form you might fill out on the internet because people are more accustomed to that. But I will probably just use MS Access or another database program to create it, that way I can create an image of a form with the drop down box and all that jazz. Does anyone happen to know another good database program besides Access - preferably one that I can download free or cheap?

Thanks again.

well access isnt free lmao. Another LONG alternativie is to use flash/actionscript to achieve this form thing but again that would require a version of macromedia flash.