how to create basic web page.

which software will be efficient to built a web page

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if u looking for an editor,then Dreamweaver,Microsoft Development Environment,etc. will be useful and in case if u are looking out for language to make a web page...the u can go ahead with HTML....if ur pages are static and if it is dynamic u will have to choose the server scripting language based on the server setup u hav got.....

hope this helps........if u want some more information lemme know.......

Please reserve formatting for code samples. Please use English, not 1337-sp33k.

I recommend simply learning XHTML and using a good text editor. I use TextPad.

i cannot get the meaning and purpose of ur post!!!

Are you addressing me? My meaning and purpose is twofold:

1. We are a professional forum, so we should try to communicate well. That means writing "your" instead of "ur", etc. - "ur" isn't a word. Daniweb doesn't have any hard rules against lazy writing, but you'll find that the most qualified members tend to ignore posts filled with poor spelling and nonsense words.

2. For web site creation, which is the topic of this post, I recommend coding your pages directly, instead of using FrontPage or a similar tool. XHTML/HTML isn't that difficult, and you'll develop more skill and flexibility by learning it and writing it yourself. I also recommended the TextPad software as a good general-purpose text editor.

I hope I've answered your questions.

can u tell me how to send a file or photo through mail that should appear when the mail is opened.i tested sending photos as attachments but it appeared as attachment and it required downloading file to see the photo.please can u reply if u know. thank you.

I think you're in the wrong forum, my friend.

Hi lavin,
Look at and start learning HTML at first.
Then go on to CSS for your HTML style and also Javascript and then PHP/ASP(.NET).
First learn what you want to do.
When you have the knowledge then working with a software is such an easy task because you know most of the thingsand you don't want the software's HELP.
Good luck.

Please do not take threads off-topic. I'm closing this one, since it has gone off-topic. Lavin, feel free to start another thread if you have more questions. When you do, please heed the reminders to user proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Thanks.

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