double click on a value from a long list of frequently used values (call this column 1). When I double click from this list in column 1 it automatically adds it to a second column (column 2) and puts the selection first in list. When I select another value from column 1 it adds it to column 2 below the first selection made previously, and so on...

Here's what I'm having to do now using Excel.
I have a list of frequently used values, or "events" as we call them. This is a common list who's naming convention never changes. Part of what I do at work is collect Data specific to each one of these events. Problem is, we NEVER collect the data in the same order twice, and may or may not run all the events that are in the list. So when I get back to my desk I have to recreate this list in the order in which I ran the events.

At this point it's a matter of copying from "Column 1" the corresponding event from the list and pasting it to "Column 2" as #1. Then go back to the column 1 list, copy the next run we made and paste it to column 2 as #2. This repeats untill I have a list of events in the order in which they were ran in (some lists grow to the 60's, that's a lot of copying and pasting).

So again, it'd be really nice if I could find a program that would let me build a table or list of these commonly used events, double click an entry in the list, and have it build a second list in the order in which I make the selections. Excel is the closest I've been able to come, but there always seems to be some amount of copying and pasting going on.
Or perhaps I'm not using Excel properly?

I've tried playing with InfoPath this week but it's not quite what I'm looking for. Access is a little deep and seems like overkill for what I'm trying to do. But then again I'm not seasoned with Access at all so maybe it IS the right program but I'm just intimidated by it's complexity.

Any suggestions?
Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I know I'm referring to a lot of MS Office pgms but I have a feeling the users of this forum are seasoned in all of the above and THEN some. Besides that, any and all suggestions are a help!

Thanks in advance.

use visual basic for this
you put the first list contents using the list control
using mouse_click event add list.item to list2.additem

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