Hello fellow netizens,

I am looking for a tutorial that would explain how to create swf files in flash 8 with the start/stop pause and volume adjuster buttons built into the video player.

The files I am working with are both .avi and flv so there is no problem of being limited to just one file type and so forth, but the main thing I would like to accomplish is have my clients be able to start the movie manually instead of it starting automatically when they visit my website.

Please let me know your suggestion, any feedback would be highly appreciated.

thank you

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Flash 8 comes with default templates for the controllers. You can pick one. It has been a while since I used them but the easiest thing to do is make your video in another format. Ex. WMV and then import it into flash 8 at that time you can pick the controller you wish to be displayed and the settings. I Think :) Its been a while.

I found a tutorial at adobe.com. This is a pdf file and can be downloaded.

Hope this may help you :)

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goto www.kirupa.com there you would surely find that

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