My site is at http://www.stateofhumanity.org and I have one issue.

I have two pop up windows:
1) Detatchable CD Player
2) Floating Chat Window

the problem is when you detach the CD Player, and the Floating Chat Window they only populate one window. So. If I have the chat window open and click detach CD player it opens in the Chat window. And visa versa.. Argh....:sad:

Do you know How I could fix this?


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Both windows opened for me...the first popup window just got sent to the background. You can still access it from the taskbar.


Really? When I open the 2 pop-ups in several browers they populate in the same window... Hmmph. now Im confused. If I may, I will re-announce the issue to make sure.

When I am on the site. I open the "Chat Window" and all is ok... While in the chat window I open the "Detach CD Player" on the bottom and it populates in the "Chat Window"....

Do you experience the same?


FYI check it out at http://www.stateofhumanity.org


I didn't sign up...so the chat window doesn't work for me.

I opened the chat window, and then clicked on the detach radio player link in the main window.

While it appears that one window replaces the other, the first popup window simply gets sent to the background. It is still open.

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