I have a wireless network and am interested in establishing a welcome page to have my users agree with terms and conditions prior to login. Please help. My WiFi router is Belkin Pre-n.
Thanks in advance.

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I don't see a way to do this based on the information you've given.
Can you perhaps tell us more information on what systems will be using it - is it a set number of computers, is it an Open access system (sounds likely) or what exactly? Are they company laptops or just anything?

I am looking at doing the same and am actually running the same router. I am an admin over a small community librarys network. We are going wireless and need the same type of welcome page. I am running windows server 2000 using a domain. Anyway to do this? Internally or externally.

do you own the computers that will be using the domain?
As in, could you install software on them which forces the user to accept the terms and conditions before accessing the internet?

Or is it an 'open access' type arrangement?

it will be an open network, all i need is for them to accept a policy before they can go further.

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