Hello! :)
I'm new to these forums. After much aggravation and frustration, I've searched for help and have landed here.

This is a multi-part problem/question. I am working on this site: http://www.cpatechnology.net/

I am using a Calendar program called HTML Calendar Generator by DBH Software. The calendar program is simple and easy to use. It compiles the calendar and writes out to a specified html page. The problem is, when it writes to the page, it does something crazy to my menu. Check out: http://www.cpatechnology.net/August.html
If you hover above the menu, you'll find that the drop down menus are not where they belong, they're repositioned high above the page.

Now the two-part problem is this... The Calendar page works perfectly in Firefox, no problems whatsoever with the menu bar. However, the rest of the site does not work in firefox.

I'm not completely partial to this Calendar program. If someone can suggest something that may be more appropriate, I'd be glad to hear your advice. Thanks in advance!

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That thing references 4 css files plus the internal styles and who knows how many .js files.

I wasn't even able to download the menu.js file from your server...and it would take at least 20 minutes to unravel the menubarAPI4.js file into something I could look at.

Plus...the page failed html 4.0 transitional validation with 145 errors.

To find the error in that would take quite a bit of time and effort.

I would suggest trying another menu.

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