Little Advice for the newbies to the business.
There is a old saying K.I.S.S.! Keep it simple stupid, hence the title, now dont get upset i am not calling anyone stupid its just a saying and a good one because that's exactly what you need to do if your looking to convert traffic to cash in this business.
All flashy and sparkling is all nice and fine but if a surfer comes to your website and it takes a minute to load onto the page they wont be there to see it hence no surfer no sale no conversion no money.

Keep your website as simple and nice as possible, dont go over board and stay away from pop ups and pop unders they annoy a surfer and god for bid stay away from places like "loudcash" that pay you to download a spyware, adware on peoples computers, all this stuff does is piss surfers off and if your mad at someone would you buy something from them?

Dont have music and sounds popping from your website this is also annoying, all im saying to you is this the way to make money in this business is to keep it simple as possible, make it a nice experience for the surfer, make it easy to find what ever they are looking for and if its a ecommerce site especially offer good solid customer service.

If you want to get started in this business and you want to build a site for yourself start with html for dummies, its a excellent base to start with, read it get your self textpad (can be used free) and make sample websites.
look at all your tags they are there for a reason, if you have a page error this is where i would start looking, stay away from trying to mess with php and asp and the rest until you have html down HTML was the beginning and its where everything else is rooted.

Other then that have fun and see you around

I agree if you are running a business. If you are building a site for entertainers, such as musicians, make it as big as you want with as many effects as you want. If you do want to use music, make it very apparant how to turn the sound off. If the user cannot see the off button they will click the 'x' button.

Also, I agree with learning HTML as well as you can. Never rely on editors, it does not take that long to learn HTML, and if you can't figure it out then maybe choose another profession.