The following is supposed to create 2 clickable regions in a JPEG of a hot air ballon ie balloon on right (circle) and basket on the left (rect) but something is clearly missing but I can't quite work out what. Have checked a few sites but no joy so far...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


<img src="balloonF.jpg"
width="484" height="345" align="left" border=0
alt="sitemap" usemap="#sitemap">
<map name="sitemap">
<area shape="circle" coords="50,90,55"
alt="Contact Details A">
<area shape="rect" coords="200,200,200,180"
alt="Contact Details B">

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I see nothing wrong. Though I changed the rectangle cords for it to work to "100,100,200,180" because I could not find the rectangle circle was fine. Perhaps your cords are wrong I don't have the picture so i put an "#" in for the image and moused around the blank image to see if I could find the clickable region.

Try closing your tags"/>"

good luck

Thanks for your help. However still unresolved. Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and throw myself on mercy of my oh so unhelpful lecturer.


Another thought did you perhaps map the image and then resize it in the imb tag? It needs to be the same size.

If you upload the image to this thread, we would be able to see what you problem is.

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