I was just wondering if anyone could help me. I had an HTML web form posted and it was working fine. Then they changed the filters in the email server to block anything that doesn't have a "From" email address.

I'm using Dreamweaver 8. How do I make one of the fields in my form enter as the "From" address so I can get the mail through the spam filters? I'm sure it just has something to do with the code, but being a newbie with forms any help would be appreciated.

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Well I use ASP to post messages. What I do is create a CDO object here's the code for that.

Set myMail=CreateObject("CDO.Message")
myMail.Subject="Your Subject"
myMail.TextBody="Here goes the text"

The missing piece of information is the server-side language you're using. It would be better to post in the appropriate language-specific forum rather than the general HTML forum.

Well, sorry for that, won't do that next time. Infact this is due to firefox, tabbed browsing, you open a large number of forums and when you read threads and reply u write something else. Again I apologize. I would start dreamweaver the moment I reach home and give appropriate answer.

Just a little more information.

I have the form created. I just need the text area that the user fills their email address into to automatically populate the "From" in the header of the email so we can reply to the form and the filter won't block it.

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Again, which server-side language are you using to process the form and generate the email?

I believe that it's just HTML. The current form is just HTML and JavaScript, and the email server is a Microsoft Exchange Server.

If you're only using HTML and JavaScript, then you aren't doing things in a standard way. The methods that do work (such as setting the action tag of your form to "mailto:") are highly dependent on specific browsers, operating systems, and email clients. If you've jury-rigged something together that works, more power to you, but it's going to be extremely hard for anyone else to test or help.

Typically, form results are delivered to a web server application via a POST. The application process the results and performs any variety of actions, including sending the results via SMTP to an email address. Thus the assumption and repeated question of "which server-side language are you using?".

Again, there isn't any standardized "client-only" method of emailing form results.