I recently changed my website from a framed version to a non-framed version using a template.

I have been working with Dreamweaver MX2004, and basically made all the changes I need to. The site looks fine using Firefox, exactly as I had designed it, but in IE it all goes horribly wrong.

My template is designed using a table, then I have used editable regions for the text body and page title.

In IE though the problem seems to be that the side table (my navgation) is stretched to as long as the text body is, even although the side table is a fixed part of the template.

In addition to this, I have added a background to one of the cells in the same side table (a dotted vertical line). But this just doesn't show up in IE.

As I said, everything in Firefox look the same as in Dreamweaver. I don't understand why IE is calling me any difficulties.

The website is: www.aspectart.com
An example of a page gone horribly wrong is: http://www.aspectart.com/dyn/faq/index.php?p=all

Any ideas? Thanks

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I would start by cleaning up those DIV styles.

example.. you have div style""

IE might be chunking on those... firefox can sor through the mess...

Start with your css then work your way through the code.

the <divs> are where your problems are.

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