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Does every image is not show on your page.

Check if the links to the images are correct.

unless you provide at least a sniff more information, even some conjecture will be a waste of time.


my site see my signature.the image can show up,but the videos seems can't play.anyone please tell me the resualts,thanks!


well, i can't see them because I don't have windows media player. perhaps you'd get more "playability" in general if you use (admitadly, somewhat larger) mpeg files.

EDIT: I tell a lie, I am watching the panda video right now; but only by downloading it first. The link seems to be valid, but try this out: http://cit.ucsf.edu/embedmedia/step1.php for generating embed code for WMV files... You usually embed the actual Windows Media Player object and give it a file to view... The <EMBED> tag is quite old and has been replaced in modern HTML with the <OBJECT> tag.

otherwise, they should work if the user has WMP and the browser plugin installed, and if there is a WMV file in the location your markup indicates it to be in.


Its because the link has spaces. Link wont work if you remove %20. It stands for space. No link could work on web with spaces.

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