Hi! I am trying to add video to a webpage that I am working on and it doesn't seem to be working. Please help! fyi-i am working on dreamweaver 8 on a mac but can also work in HTMl

First, I tried to embed the .mov file but when I went to the website a quicktime logo with a question mark was in place of the video. I have quicktime on my computer so i am not sure why this was happening.

So now, I have the video link to the media player and play the video, which is working on macs but I can't seem to get the video to play on a PC.

Try it and let me know how to fix it....www.williamday.net, click on "Reel", then click on "reel" again in the middle of the page. This should open another window where the video plays, but it won't work on a PC.

Should I save the file as a .wmv to play on PC and have two options to view the video? I don't know how to turn a .mov file into a .wmv file.

Thanks for the help!!

MOV files should work on a PC. What happens if you take the MOV file and try to play it on a PC without embedding it on a page? That is, just copy it onto a PC and open it in Quicktime.

I don't have access to a PC, so i can't try. But, I know that most ppl who aren't into computers and have a PC don't have quicktime. So i want those ppl to be able to view the video without quicktime.

QT is pretty common, it often gets installed as a subsidiary or requirement for another install.

I've never had much luck with finding good, free video recoding software... I certainly don't know of any Mac software.

I'd use a package like Ulead or even at a push Windows Movie Maker on the PC. They aren't recoders but they let you import files from multiple formats and export in multiple formats.

The kind thing you're looking for though; would probably come up under web searches for:

- Mac Video Encoding Software
- Mac Video Recoding Software
- Mac Video Conversion Software
- Mac Video Editing Software