I am just building my first webpage from scratch, with NVU, and my programming skills are pretty embryotic...:-) Can somebody please point me in the direction where I find information? The problem is as following: I want to build a portfolio site and link the images to two sites where people can download them or purchase a print. The ideal setup would be:

Galleries linking to subgalleries (like "black and white") that's done, I am proud of myself ;-)

Then, each subgallery contains between 5-15 thumbnails (that I can do) and if somebody clicks on one of them the image appears in a bigger version on the top half of the page with two links (different for each image) for download/purchase.... That is where I am lost! Any ideas? Ever so thankful SY

It's super-simple when you know how:

Every time you change to a new screen, you open a different html page.

Each one of the subgalleries is a separate html document with its own filename.

Each individual image page is a separate html document with its own filename.

Each html document contains the html code for the images it displays and the links to the other pages.

So, instead of having one huge program to do all of this, you have a lot of little webpage files, one for each page.
To make it easy, make the first gallery page. Then "save-as" it to another filename, and change the image and hypertext links, and you have the second gallery page. Repeat this process to make all of the gallery pages. Use a similar process to make all of the image pages.