This seems like a simple enough question to answer....

For some reason, FF and IE7 seems to render the navigation on my web page differently. Both the top and bottom borders of the links render as i want them to in FF, but not in IE7. Maybe someone could help me fix this, because i really dont know where to start....

Thankyou in advance.

im, sorry, but maybe there is something that im missing here...

obviously, border declaration is a universal feature amongst the most popular browsers. From my knowledge, my syntax should render the proper appearance in both internet explorer and Firefox. all i did was simply define the top and bottom borders of the ol li a in one declaration:

border-bottom:5px double #CECFC6; border-top:1px solid #CECFC6;

is this wrong?

oops... stumbled on my own solution. Turns out that i needed to declare


in order for it to render correctly

There are several goofy differences between how IE renders and how FF and other browsers render. IE is usually the culprit, because it won't stick to standards.

If you are trying to put a border on an inline object, it often does not work. Try enclosing the object in div tags, and put the border styels on the div.