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A bookmarklet yes, its a favorites link, that is a short clickable code that can be executed from favorites links. sometimes called a favlet..


You see I have created a javascript screensaver for my website, I wish to allow my users to use the screensaver on their computer desktop but I dont know how to create an .exe type screensaver that they can download. This was just an idea. An .exe screensaver would ofcourse be better.

There aremany that can be downloaded but I wish to have control of the appearance of the screensaver. Its a photo screensaver but I wish to createa background for photos based on the wallpaper of my website.

Doesanyone know of a free downloadable screensaver creation program that will allow me to do that but will not watermark my images?


I dont have any ideo of favlets.

Uh...you have made which kind of screensaver...i mean format. Is it a photo album?


this is my screensaver its javascript. I want to recreate this as an exe file for download to work on a persons computer in thenormal manner of screensavers

here is link to see what it does


here is its code

<script language="JavaScript">
Timeout=60000 // set delay time for effect
function oStatic() {
if(timerRunning == true||blurred==1){ // if win1 opened or opener is blurred, return
timerRunning = true
win1=window.open("http://herproom.5.forumer.com/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=7101",'','fullscreen') // if win1 not opened, open win1
Timer=setTimeout("oStatic()",Timeout) // run function oStatic after delay
opened=0 // win1 not opened
function oActive(){ // 
if(opened==1){return} // if win1 opened, return
timerRunning = false
Timer=setTimeout("oStatic()",Timeout) // if win1 not opened run function oStatic after delay
document.onmousemove=oActive // detect mouse movement
document.onmousedown=oActive // detect if button pressed
document.onkeypress=oActive // detect if key press

<BODY onblur="blurred='1'" onfocus="blurred='0';oActive()">

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