Ok, my house is having a function and we need to have people register online so we have all the information before the event. The form i created sends the form to my email address, BUT it routing it through their email address and making them use there default client like outlook or aol, which apparently no one uses to send emails and it is not working. I need a way to submit text fields like first name last name and radial button yes or no questions to my email address or have it saved somewhere so i can view it.

Please any help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED. This event is saturday and we need to fix this asap

thank you.


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Do you know any server side scripting like PHP or ASP ?

no i dont...do you know of any websites that have like templates or anything...my ass is getting chewed out right now becuase i cant make this work!

If you are on a university, the problem may be that the email and web functions are on different hosts. This is done to prevent spam.

Thus, the web connection the user has can't access the email host which is not connected. So the send mail function can't possibly work.

First of all, the mailto: URL will only work if the client machine is configured for e-mail... which on a campu they aren't because that is user specific to each machine...the server doesn't matter.... it is a client side issue...

Next, it can be done with Server Side scripting or programming but you need a server to use, or a hosting account with access to php, or JSP, etc... you can setup ANY mail client you want to use to send the message from the server, but it has to be setup to forward the mail messages... which means either a poorly setup mail server, spammers take advantage of those, or a valid account on a mail server...

You can use JSP or A servlet to do it... VERY easy... OR you can have a DB available to your hosting account and store the data there... then have a page to show you the data in a list...then you can view, print, etc. as you need...

Unfortunately, with html & JS only, expcet for server-side JS you can't do this....

try hotscripts.com, there are literally hundreds of php scripts for you to use.

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