I got a problem and want to find a solution backwards :cheesy:
How to tell browser not to offer saving password in "password" form?
I know it is possible (p.e. internet banks using it), but dont know even where to search?

Reason why im searching:
I got it in my system at work (based on php, perl, js htm etc... ), but there is one place, where it should offer to save a password. I want to change it, but dont know even what language search? I suppose 80% its JS, but JS files loaded to this project have over 10 000 lines, so searching think i dont know will take a loooooong time... :confused:

pls help

Just view the source: autocomplete="off"

It wasnt autocomplete. Ive found it.
For users, who would like to use it ill explain.

In form there was password input and one hidden input. Form had onsubmit JS code, which was copying password to hidden input and emptying password input. So browser though that password field is empty and doesnt offer saving password. Smart ;)

BTW when i was searching, i found in google sth like "autocomplete" but first of all its not a standard of html, second not every browser will "eat" it, so better do not use it.