Hello all, I am new in the world of html so I am sorry if this question is gonna sound noobish to you but I really need help.

I have seen that many sites are connected with their forum database and automatically update their news for example simply by retrieving information from a certain thread/topic of their forum.

How is it possible to connect my forum with my html site and get info from 1 of my topics/threads and make it to be posted automatically in my news section? Plz if anyone know - help me :'(.

Thanks in advance.

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How it is specifically done depends on the forum software. But you will need to access the database and get the information out using a server-side script. If you don't know how to program you can look to see if the forum software has a mod that can do it for you. Otherwise you'll need to hire someone as it is ore complicated then HTML.

I am using phpBB forum and I dont know if there is a mod that can do that but the site i am talking about is about online game and most of the sites that are like mine (guild sites) has this ability. So i guess it cant be really hard to do. :S If anyone knows how its done or can guide me to a link or a site that gives the info I need plz do so :)

An example to make you understand what i meam http://www.praemium.eu I want my site to be like this, if you check the news section that is the index of the url I gave you, you will notice that the news that are posted on the forum are posted on the index of this site also.


It coud be that the webmaster simply saves his news to two files, or reads the html file from the forum software..

I'm not sure but you could probably go to phpbb support at thier main site. You might be able to do it with an I frame that has that particular forum as a source, but I might be wrong.

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