I have a Design Concepts(TM) for your Macintosh sleek profile keyboard. It's distributed by CompUSA and hence purchased from CompUSA (SKU 299283).

Needless to say, it's USB and I hooked it up to my iMac running OSX (Jaguar 10.2) The regular keyboard functions perfectly (and it's sooooooooo comfy) but the four multimedia keys don't work - 3 volume controls and the cd-rom eject key. I installed the OSX drivers that came on the included CD and the installer says it was successful. However, the multimedia keys still don't work. When I went into the system preferences thingie and clicked on Login Items, my keyboard was listed there without a check next to it. I checked it, restarted, and still nothing.

Can anyone please help me in solving this dilemma? It's very important because the non-functioning eject key on the keyboard is the only way I can seem to open and close my cd-rom drive!

However, the keyboard is soooo comfy and just about the best I've ever used. I really want to get it to work. Right now I actually have both keyboards connected to my iMac. This problematic one to use, and the default iMac keyboard just so that I could use the eject key. (Needless to say, that keyboard comes with the same four media buttons which work right out of the box without any 3rd party software, etc.)

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Well, I figured out the problem, and now I just need a solution. When I install the keyboard drivers in the original OSX, it works perfectly, no problems.

When I upgraded to OS 10.2 (Jaguar) it didn't work at first. I re-installed the keyboard drivers, but still no go. Then, I unplugged the keyboard and plugged the old one back in, and it gave me an error with choices to use the keyboard driver, fix the keyboard driver, or not to use it. I chose fix and use. Then, the original keyboard stopped working and the one I wanted to work started working. Goodie!

But then I ran System Update software to upgrade to OS 10.2.6 and once I did that, it stopped working again. Now I don't know if there's any way to get it to work again.

Apparently the drivers aren't Jaguar compatible. What can I do to fix this??

Well, I figured some other things were screwed up as well, and, coming from the Windows world that I do, I took the time to reformat. I ran the iMac system restore CDs to restore my computer back to OS X. Then I installed the keyboard drivers as they were meant to be installed, and they worked flawlessly. Then I ran the Jaguar update CD to upgrade to OS 10.2 (Jaguar). When I got back into the operating system, it gave me the same message about "fixing" the keyboard security settings, and now it works. I'm afraid to run the system update because that is what screwed everything up before. In any case, I reinstalled all my programs and everything works now, so I'm pretty happy.

Can ya take a pic of the keyboard? I really want to see what it looks like. lol

It looks a lot like the standard iMac keyboard (translucent white mac-style design). It's just that the keys are slightly bigger and deeper and not as soft a touch. Is it just me or is the default iMac keyboard just a slightly oversized laptop keyboard for ultra miniature fingers?

As mentioned previously, the upgrade from 10.2 to 10.2.6 screwed up the keyboard drivers. While browsing the apple.com website about the 10.2.6 upgrade, I came across the following information:

You may experience unexpected results if you have installed third-party system software modifications, or if you have modified the operating system through other means. This precautionary statement does not apply to the normal installation of application software.

I guess that explains my problem. But does anyone know exactly what changes were made to the operating system when installing the keyboard drivers, so I could install this upgrade and then do a manual "fix" for the keyboard drivers?

Is there a particular folder that the keyboard mapping or keyboard drivers, etc are stored? This way I can create back-ups, do the update, and then manually copy them back into the folder if they were written over during the update?

Aaaahhh! Brilliant idea .... really.

Most OSX apps store drivers in either the preferences folder under the individual user name or in the system folder. But 8 out of 10 in the preferences folder. I would use Finder and search out all the references to your keyboard and determine where it may have been inserted. If the keyboard had it's own install software - there is still a chance it may have tucked away something in the system folder. Otherwise, they usaully go straight to the preferences folder. OSX is so much different than windows in that thrid party apps can install in a variety of places and still be functionable. But those darn updates will get you every time..... :D

Oooh I'm one step ahead of you. Last week, when I was all frustrated trying to figure this out, I did a search and found a few files containing all of the information about the keyboard I use buried in the system folder (in extensions or something??)

But this is my first time using OS X and I'm an inexperienced mac user. I wasn't sure if maybe it scattered its drivers in multiple locations on the drive, etc.

Extensions would be correct.

And then there was this one time - at band camp.... well, forget it.

Ya know, it's hard to be a know it all if your going to be continually one step ahead of me. :oops:

What I was (and still am, I guess) confused about is that I remember reading somewhere that Mac dropped the need for "extensions" in OS X (from OS 9) ??

Your right. Strike all that. Egg on my face. Got my OS' mixed in the head. Extensions will only be one the OS9 side.
Hey, do you have OS9 installed for use in the classic mode?

It was in an Extensions folder (or maybe it just was of an extension file type??) I don't remember. But either way, it was in the OS X System folder, nothing to do with OS9. In fact, the keyboard drivers are natively for OSX. They were made for the original version of OSX and worked (with a tweak) after an upgrade to Jaguar, but not on an already-existing Jaguar machine.

Can anyone comment on this Kensington keyboard?

It looks EXACTLY like the CompUSA keyboard ... only it has updated drivers that work perfect.

I was able to find a Kensington keyboard (mentioned in the previous post) that looks and acts and is - practically - the exact same thing as the Design Concepts CompUSA one! (In fact, I'm sure they were both manufactured by the same place, and then branded by Kensington and CompUSA)

I returned the CompUSA keyboard in exchange for the Kensington one, and it works perfectly without even installing any drivers. Just as good as the original apple pro keyboard that comes with the mac - plug it and it's good to go!

Unfortunately I was never able to get the CompUSA keyboard working. My "fix" was simply to replace it with the Kensington one, which is really the exact same thing.

almost all of compusa stuff (theyre brand) need drivers Im mean almost everything thats why its cheaper I guess

Need drivers? YES! Cheaper? NO! That damn CompUSA keyboard was over $100! (Which turns out to be about equal to the price of the Kensington one.)

I had to do a similar thing. I returned my CompUSA keyboard, and got the Official MAC version, for the same price. Also no drivers were needed for either the media keys or the USB ports.

I really like the Kensington one. It's just as comfy and exactly like the Design Concepts one. :) Just no drivers needed!

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