Dreamweaver 8 is all i hear these days, which software do you use, in conjunction which others?

Reason i am asking this is i am currently thinking on building a site myself, rather than outsource it .... Probably more stupid than brave!

Anyway i would love to hear your pro's and con's and fav sites visited for inspiration...

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If you're a business, I highly suggest outsourcing. And Dreamweaver is the best non-coding program I've seen. I haven't tried the new Microsoft program, but back when, Dreamweaver was all very useful. But I strongly suggest out sourcing. They're plenty of spectacular designers that charge hardly anything, even if they are just kids.

Dreamweaver is good... can't dog it. But if you want to get designing Golive is the answer. Place a grid, and enjoy

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is to learn XHTML basics and CSS, so you can take control over your pages. You can do this without using Dreamweaver or any other WYSIWYG software.

Jedit, NVU, Eclipse are all good, free and cross-platform. Bye :)

Dreamweaver is good... can't dog it. But if you want to get designing Golive is the answer. Place a grid, and enjoy

I know it sounds stupid, but what is a grid? Is it like a table? Can one do it in Dreamweaver?

Yes, is very similar to a table. A grid is an organizing principle derived from typographic design. It is used to design page layouts, you can read about grids here:

- http://www.alistapart.com/articles/outsidethegrid
- http://www.markboulton.co.uk/journal/comments/five_simple_steps_to_designing_grid_systems_part_4/
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid_(page_layout)
- http://webstyleguide.com/page/grids.html

If you are interested in more information there is Making and Breaking the Grid. A graphic Design Layout Workshop by Timothy Samara.

On Mozilla Firefox there is an extention called Web Developer that can give you a topographic view of the pages, this can help to understand how some pages have been designed.

To design a grid you need programs like Photoshop or Gimp, and yes, you can use also Golive and maybe Dreamweaver, but these aren't necessary. All you need is to know HTML (or XHTML). Bye :)

Wow, Cereal, thanks alot! This is sooo awesome! This is something I definitly want to learn!!!! Pity I have not seen that 3 weeks ago, now it is too late designed it already using tables!....:( My next one will be with grids! I am using both Photoshop and Dreamwear, in HTML.

Thank you!

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