Hi, ive recently finished a website and was testing it out on different browsers when I noticed that there was a small problem ie6. The theme used (its a joomla site) includes a tab at the top of the page which slides down when clicked. In ie6 it displays fine on the homepage, but is completely transparent on any other page. I have no idea where to start looking for the problem.
If anybody thinks they can help then the link is www.troop.scouts.sebcachia.com. Thanks in advance!!!

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Too true, unfortunately however the same theme used on other sites works well which leads me to believe that the issue is a little more complex than that.
The fact that it works seamlessly on ie7 and ff does prove it to be a ie6 bug, but it still remains and avoidable one.

Any ideas on what could have caused it to stop working?


Hi, yes I have. Here is a screenshot of the problem to ensure that I have properly explained myself... Note that the problem doesn't occur when on the homepage, but does on every other page.


Ok, I saw it. In my opinion you just missed a slash:


Add a slash (/) before templates. Actually the browser considers this link as a relative path, not an absolute path. Bye :)

P.S. excuse me for my bad english.

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