With kind help of Robothy, I managed to slice up my site design to redo it in CSS.

Now I got my final headache. The drop down menu. The old one is done in JavaScript, and one my friend complained that it did not work on her computer ( I suspect that she might have JavsScript disabled). Now is that accessebility issue?

I found plenty CSS menu templates, BUT my oh my after 2 weeks, I still cant get them working!!!

Actually at the moment I only need it for one button EVENTS (might need one for DANCERS later) and I heard an opinion that because only one button has a drop down menu it is confusing????

In the menu I want to put Events 2007, 2008 and 2009. Every year I will have to add one.

The question is, should I keep on struggling with drop down menu or should I make a "useless" Events page just with links to different years?

Do you guys think that Having a drop down menu just on one button is confusing?


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It is simple in dreamweaver software. first download and install Dreamweaver software in you computer.

first remove your javascript in html code and put all images in your site using dremaweaver
In dreamweaver first select Image and go to window menu > Behaviors
press Plus(+) mark and select show pop-Up menu and add your events what you want

Dreamweaver write remaining javascript and every thing seperate files

Thank you for advice Sreein! I think I am going to try that with my next project!

With this one I wanted to avoid JavaScript. Finally I decided to avoid menues for now.

Will definitly use the dreamweaver technique in the future!


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