I have made a forum site that I want to use for personal use with some of my friends; one of the main intentions of the site was to create an environment where we could play chess and or checkers with one another. However, there is a problem: I have not been able to find a multi-player and multi-board flash based version of Chess or Checkers.

What I would like the forum to be used for would be inviting about 20 friends to come and post messages and chat, with the opportunity to play an occassional game of chess or checkers. I have everything but the game.

I am looking for a flash based application that would allow me to have several boards come up and allow players to either view and participate in a game with other members from the forum. Potentially with ~20 players (3 players per board; 1 player black, 1 player red/white, 1 player watching). I have tried SmartFox Server, but I did not find a version of Chess or checkers there. If someone knows of a flash version of chess or checkers that is already developed and would work well for a flash application (I don't want my members to have to download anything).

This is just a private site, so I will not be making any profit -- I just want to hangout with some friends.


Try using flash games and embeding it in the site...