This seems like a problem that would have an easy solution, but I just cant figure out what it is.

I made a png concept for a page, and I spilt the banner into multiple parts in order to get it display how I wanted. Only it doesn't in firefox. I'll attach a zip file to show you what i mean, and also a screenshot.

There is a space between the top part of the banner, and the bottom part, which does not appear in IE. I figure this has something to do with how the browsers render tables...but geez...

Is there anyway I can force firefox to eliminate that space without messing up the display in ie?

Never mind, fixed by changing vertical-align to middle in my style sheet theres a space in IE...a much smaller one about a pixel thin...

okay..i should have tried this before i talked, vertical-align:top in the style sheet works for both

The reason:

IE defaults to top
FF defaults to middle