Hello all, i'm trying to have an excel spreadsheet online (with a url) like I've seen done before, but I dont' quite know how to do it.

So I've saved the spreadhseet as a webpage, I inserted the spreadsheet onto my webpage and publised the page.

The question is, how does one continually save the spreadsheet??? I would like people to enter data and I would like to have a local copy saved on my computer also.


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Without having a LAN set up that allows read and write across the network you may not be able to do this online. You can use something like Google Docs to share things, also something we use here at work is ning.com which allows you to privately share and modify attachments of many types.

If you have a windows based server it is doable with a little effort (sort of the only advantage to a windows server!).

The other alternative is to attach the spread sheet to a database, and have the database attached to the webpage.

That means you can make changes to thespreadsheet, upload thechanges tot he DB... and the results would be updated onthe page.

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