hello all,

this probably isnt even the correct forum to ask but does anybody know whether it is possible to LOAD a CAD drawing into a flash movie and be able to manipulate it ?

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When you say manipulate you mean, what exactly?

Change it's dimensions, rotate the model around in 3d space?

well. first of i simply require a 2d model for example a plan view. But it would contain one or more layers which could be turned on or off. simply like layering an image. The only manipulation would be similiar to google maps i.e. zoom, drag and place markers. But obviously with a proper CAD drawing and not one converted to an swf or other

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Hmm, I dunno sounds like a big project if you're planning to do it from scratch.

Presumably you have already googled for autocad+flash?

found alot of companies that claim to have done it. but dont actually support a proper cad drawing. it involves converting the CAD drawing. But a cad drawing is made up of vectors which i thought flash would be able to manipulate. i know thats a big presumption to make but it seemed plausible. Obviously there is some runtime conversion invovled as the file is not going to be directly plottable. Seems like im going to have to research into the schematics of a cad drawing file. [how lovely]

if anybody else could shed some light it would be greatly appreciated.

You might have to do it the way animators do it with clay.

Move it a little, take a screenshot, move it a little, take a screenshot, etc.

cheers for the reply, ill take a look into that. it doesnt seem the most effecient way but any options given to me at them moment are worth looking into.

anyone else ?


well not quite. i figured i could possibly be going about this the wrong way. After alot of googling i came across alot of java applets that support GIS mapping. and well i know java! so two and two made sense. If anyone has any decent reasons why not to choose this route then im all ears.

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