Hey guys,

Well I've been working on a website from my hostmatrix account and it all works ok.

I'm now transferring all the files and images over to another server where our website is held but I can't seem to get some of the images working and I cannot for the life of me work out what's wrong.

http://www.uptheshots.co.uk/ - Hosted HERE (at hostmatrix)

http://www.redbluearmy.com/martin_test/index.php - This is where I'm moving to.

On the first link you can see the background is not white but on the second link it is. I can't work out why though and what I've done wrong.

The only difference is that at the moment I've got it in a sub-folder but I've changed all my links so it should work ok.

If you need to see a file just tell me. To be honest I don't know where I should be looking but I'm guessing it's something to do with my css files and the images for the background.


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Both site links are down.
Can't view source.

But i'd sugguest checking links (like MidiMagic stated) a very common problem i've noticed is cases (upper and lower), double check link extension cases and ensure they are EXACTLY the same as the images

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