I'm not only new here but I am totally green at web design too. I'm trying to write a 3 page site for a homework assignment and I can't figure out what's wrong with my code.
All <p> tags are supposed to be indented 1.8 em, but I need to have a class named para1 where the first <p> tag on every page has no indention, and the font size is double. Here's what I wrote, but the <p> tag indention style overides the class element. Why?/

*my styles*/


    {font-family: Comic Sans MS:sans-serif; font-style: italic; font-color: #445544; text-align: left

        times new romam, sans-serif; color: black

    {text-indent: 1.8em

    #para1:first-letter {float:left; font-size:200%; line-height:.5}

Thanks for your input.

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You don't have a class named para1, you have an id named para1.

Put a period in front of an identifier to define a class.

Put a pound sign in front of an identifier to define an id.

You can't use an id, because only one tag in your web page can use a given id.

you have to use a unique id for each tag, this is very important point while writing style sheet.

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