Well my question is that is it possible to use image swap without having to put a lot of code in the head of the page.
well basically i dont want to defien my images in the head instead i want to define them right before the link and the image it self where it is suppose to swap in and out.

Script bodies can exist anywhere in your page, if that's your question.

The reason why image objects are defined in the HEAD is to give the user a better experience. They'd rather wait a few seconds up-front, once, for the page to load, than have to wait for an image to load when they rollover a link.

Thats is exactly what i needed to know.
the main reason i wanted to know that was because i made a php script and i didnt want to re write it to work with JS so what i am gona do now is that i am gona paste the script right before the link and i am gussing that wont mess with the load time.

Ok, let us know how you progress. Please do make an effort to spell-check and proofread your posts here... old folks like me have a hard time reading (and taking seriously) posts with stuff like "i am gona" in them!