Now that Java cannot be compatible with browsers like Google and FireFox, so many tools working fine before now cannot be launched normally. I used to take Screenr to record my fancy videos and share with friends. And before long it has announced that Screenr will retire and will be no more available then. To find a feasible online tool is quite difficult, so can you guys give some suggestions? Any good recorders used are highly recommended! Thanks in advance! (ps: better with editing tools and both system sound and microphone needed)

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@Nick_10. Say do you run Windows 10. It's built in! Watch
Or just press the Windows Key + G then click record. No coding, just does it.

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Well, thank you for your suggestion! But it seems a bit abstract for me to use the tool of webpage you have recommended! All codes illustrated are quite complicated. I am afraid are there any simple solutions ?

You might like ilos Videos. It is very similar to Screenr!

commented: Ok! Good to know that recorder. If it is free to use, I would appreciate it much! Thank you! +0

@Nick_10 I read the top 3 hits and it looks not abstract to me. That is, I do write code so everything looks ready to craft your new solution. This forum is very coding oriented so maybe you really wanted a shrink wrap app instead of Lego brick? (As in code you assemble for your own use.) Let's hope you can toss it to coders in your company.

I appreciate your question since I had meant to swing around to re-explore this later this or early next year. Your question made me check on it earlier.

You know what? People always like fast food instead of cooking a meal at their home. It seems an easy online application can shoot your trouble much easier. Now that Screenr is not available for you. You can have a try for this web-based application. It has set up an agent by itself instead of Java. Don't know how it achieves this but it is really awesome.

commented: Amazing tools! Thank you for your advice! +0

I recently consider to update my Win7 to Win10 then. In fact, I have heard what you recommend. It is an app for recording games played on PC. Anyway, I will try it on later and tell you how it works! Thank you!

you can try camstudio its free and available under opensource GNU license

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