All this hoopla around ChatGPT and AI got me thinking about voice search. Has anyone created a version of Siri that actually works? (And, no, Google Assistant and Alexa don't really count. Google Assistant has never answered a single thing for me.) What about Cortana now that Microsoft owns a stake in ChatGPT?

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Search for "How to use ChatGPT with Siri" and you can try it out. It might not be GPT 4 yet which is sort of a big deal.

Remember that ChatGPT has no real time connection with anything, it only knows that data was loaded into its database, which is a very selective dataset that is several years old.
That's part of the reason for all the disclaimers on not using it for financial advise, any advise you would get would of necessity be years out of date.

Siri, which just interfaces with existing search engines after using a speech to text algorithm to turn your voice input into a text string for an existing search engine (and I guess Google assistant and Alexa do the same thing) are far better suited for task. More isn't even needed, separation of concerns is in place.
You could probably make something that'd use a voice to text system to feed input to chatGPT but would purpose would it serve? ChatGPT is just a toy, a proof of concept and marketing tool for its creator. And a major annoyance for places like Stackoverflow that now have to contest with fools using it to create silly "questions" and "answers" the poison the site.

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Not really but Microsoft and Google owns chatbot and voice search apart from that I don't have any idea if any developer had created likewise. Google assistant normally recognized phonetics of sounds into it query database only if the word and pronunciation tally with dictionary phonetics, oxford, macmillan, and others if new words are published it supposed to be publish in these search feeds before it could be recognized by the search engines.

I use all what folk and you have mentioned except Siri. I revealed why I had to forget about Apple and their products before but that's not important right now (nod to Leslie Nelson.)

It seems odd to read that Siri don't actually work. I've seen it do fine but as with any of these tools, none or 100% of what folk expect.

As to the 2021 data cutoff for GPT 3.5, that's not a big deal because it's not a search engine as defined by Google. It's something else entirely and quite useful. At some point I'll have a short explanation of what GPT 3.5 and 4.0 is but the one thing it is not is a search engine.

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