I have recently purchased a Motorola V330 phone and would like to make my own mp3 ringtones. After talking to my service provider a few times, I've received different answers for each.

What do I need to transfer my own ringtones, (short mp3 clips) from my home pc to my phone?

Ive been told.. usb cable only, usb cable PLUS Software Tools I have to buy from my service provider, and I've also been told BlueTooth wireless alone will get me there.

IF there is someone out there that has this paticular phone and does this, I'd appreciate an overview of how you do it, (preferable without using any software packages such as Xingtone, for that has to be picked up via the web and thats an additional charge on my phone because I don't have data services).

Thanks for any advice you may be able to give me.


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