Hi all my better half got me a 256 mg mp3 player no name brand I draged 20 mp3s on to it and all was fine then I think I knackerd it :o by formating it instead of just deleating the files now when I put files on it it will show up and play on windows media payer and winamp but just says no files when I try to play it away from the comp :sad: any ideas would bu great

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Have you formatted it with FAT16 file sytem?

Have you formatted it with FAT16 file sytem?

Sorry I did not get back to you as my health has been bad but back to your question no I formated it as Fat 32 well I think I did as I opened windows then my computer then right klicked then chose format then the problems started I can drag mp3s and wma,s on to it and see them there via the computer and even play them via the windows media player ok but when I unplug the player and press play it still says no files :( so I was at a loss Hope you can help :)

Mine is formatted with FAT not FAT32. Try selecting the FAT format instead.

On most MP3'S it says NEVER to format it. If you do this you may have knackered it but if you have the disks that came with it the software should eb able to repair it.

In February I bought a 125mb PROline Mp3 player and until a couple of weeks ago it worked fine. Around this time I had problems with Windows Media Player and so changed to using Winamp to play my music and put music onto my Mp3 player. But now when I put music onto my Mp3 player it tells me that music is on there it just won't let me play some of it, only selective songs. Because I changed how I put the music onto my Mp3 player I decided to check and see if it would work with Windows Media Player instead of Winamp but it still doesn't. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix this?

Also about 3 weeks ago the computer couldn't find the device and I was unable to turn it on, even with a newly charged battery or a new one.

Unlike the other person who appears to have had this problem too I haven't formatted my Mp3 player so I'm just really confused as to why it won't work.

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