If you own a Motorola T720 phone and use Verizon as a provider, you should have noticed that Verizon only allows you to download ringtones and wallpapers from there "Get-It-Now" service, ONLY. Meaning, any other ringtone WAP websites that offer ringtones are blocked from your phone.

The above link are people taking charge. They're trying to develop a "hack" to the phone, or at least trying to get Verizon to change there stupid policy. Something worthy to note, they are already in contact with the Verizon president in this issue.

Go there, join the group and check it out! I'm a member!

(I own two T720's, two V120e's, and one V60c, all on Verizon)

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On the T720 ...

go to browser setup
then to homepage
type in
port 9201

some free, limited internet access

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i tried and it still gives me the stuff about security not enabled

When you type in the URL, it's very important you make sure you have the http:// part

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ok for all of you who are kind of of phone illiterate, (like i was) you have to go to browser setup and then make new service then new entry and then type in every thing there

It works on my other Motorola Phone... the V120.

Nice webmail and messenger features :-).

I'd like to ask a question how is this...

Just to follow up, the phone has, indeed, been cracked and you can now route around Verizon's Get It Now service.

You can read my tutorial on using gagin to upload ringtones and pix at

... materially, not to mention ethically, different than warez s/w cracks? If this was warez s/w crack related, would you condone it's posting on TTF?

Personally I think stuff like this is okay because technically it's not doing anything illegal. (note the keyword: this stuff is all perfectly legal) It's basically just hunting and digging for an alternate service to Verizon's www plan. As for what I posted, it's just a Yahoo! WAP server - so that's perfectly legal also. Not really true "hacks".

(As an example of something illegal, connecting to the www via the Verizon service by fooling the phone into thinking you are a subscriber to the service, using a fake pin, etc)

What is also not condoned is like the way that someone (going back quite awhile) posted a WindowsXP serial. That was deleted within the hour. ;)

Check out this thread for more info:

still seems a bit unethical to me, but...

I dunno. To each his own, I guess. I don't really see a point into getting into any form of heated ethics debate over this.

I just don't see it as being illegal because you're paying Verizon for use of the phone service (and with that, a simple modem to dial into computer systems.) Then, if you want, you can pay Verizon extra for their paid service which gives you access to their WAP network (hence, the Verizon WWW service).

Instead, you're using your phone to connect to a Yahoo! WAP server, for example. It's not really a hack or a crack or anything illegal. It's just finding those people (and companies) who are providing you free access to the info on their servers (and providing access to their servers via a mobile phone).

It's like lets say you bought a modem from AOL (just pretend ;)) but then you used MSN's dial-up service because it was cheaper.

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Any workaround to the BREW issue? What I am asking about is the issue that T720's from Verizon will not run J2ME, only BREW? If this is correct, this seems crazy, if not please correct.

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Hey check this out.. i ran across this on eBay... If you want a speakerphone with out the big hassle or expensive shipping....

I bought one from this guy last month and he has more now and cheaper than last months. Works great so i thought i'd share it with the motorola gang. Works better than some others my friends bought overseas... pass the word cuz he gave me a good deal so i promised him i would.

Alex "The Count"

Is their any why I can have AIM on my : Motorola T720 ? e-mail me with ur help.

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Is there any way to get movie times using the show up when the site is brought up on a computer but the option doesn't show up on my phone.

I have a web enabled LG 510...will this approach work on that as well or is this more of a Motorola thing?

Thanks in advance!

I was able to get Gagin up and running fine using the procedures for ringtones,GIF images, and applications. However,...there are some "gaps".

1, Can someone tell me where (I don't see it on GIN(Get it Now)..not GIF's that is) I can dowload GIF images on my phone that I can also use for wallpaper. I do not just one to "replace" the ones in the phone. Those "Lord of the Rings", exego and others I downloaded DO NOT appear in "my media" category, perhaps because they are not in GIF format.

2, I was able to transfer Applications with Gagin from one 720 to another, However, it would not allow me to backup most of them. For example, I was able to transfer Jamdat Bowling perfectly fine and NOT "FOX Hit the Pro's". - on the "" file I get "error-could not read from device". All other files from it transfer fine.


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Can someone please halp me? Ive been lookin forever to find a way to upload ringtones to my phone using a usb and windows 98. Brew does not work on 98. I have MBE and PST. Ive heard that PST only works with a serial cable. The closest I got was me almost uploading using MBE and PST but when it was uploading it said something like I had a different phone platform and something about an EMS. Can anyone please help me???? thanx.

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It all depends on your service provider.

See if your provider is there and it will tell you how to use it :)

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Does anyone know if there will be charges from verizon if I use the yahoo wap? The guy at radio shack (when I initially bought the phone) said the browser costs $5 a month. Is this only if I use the verizon browser or any browser???? thanks

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Does it cost anything to use the yahoo service? bump

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Is there any way to make your display stay on constantly when in the Motorola Car Kit, its wierd every other phone I had stays lit when charging in the cradle, If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated,


Yahoo service is free - only takes airtime.

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I used the 'free' web/wap settings for a long time with no problem. Now I get a message that the connection timed out. Did VZW block it?! Help!

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I used the settings for the Yahoo wap site for a long time with no problems. Now I get a message that the connection timed out. Did VZW block it?! Help...

is there a way to set up ones own wap say on my own webpage or something???

Does anyone know how to run this hack on the Audiovox CDM8600? I followed all the instructions but I do not have any such options in my browser settings. Is it possible Verizon disabled settings just to prevent this?

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Is there any way to make your display stay on constantly when in the Motorola Car Kit, its wierd every other phone I had stays lit when charging in the cradle, If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated,


I had mine replaced and the old one didn't stay lit but the new one does, they also added some louder ring tones. You can tell that it wasn't a fully thought out addition because they're just named Alert 1-4. Anyway, my answer is that if you get a firmware upgrade your phone will stay lit when using the car charger.

still seems a bit unethical to me, but...

just close your eyes :p

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